back to article Dell braces for sales slowdown: Blames China spending, trade tariffs and whatever 'macro dynamics' are

The lumbering giant Dell Technologies has highlighted numerous hurdles in the year ahead including the ongoing trade tariff war with China as it warned sales will slow. In the first set of financials since it went public again, the umbrella brand for the operating groups in the Dell family reported a 9 per cent year-on-year …

  1. Roland6 Silver badge

    >a 9 per cent year-on-year leap in revenue to $23.8bn for Q4 of fiscal '19 ended 1 February.

    >In terms of the bottom line, Dell reported an operating profit of $331m, versus a $69m operating loss in the prior year's quarter.

    >Interest payments on its debts came in at $606m, leaving Dell nursing a net loss of $299m, compared to a net loss of $100m the year before.

    Margins the thickness of butter spread on a wafer then...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Server velocity"

    Is that angular velocity relative to the Sun or actual velocity relative to the centre of mass of the Local Group?

  3. hoola Silver badge

    Revenue and Profit

    You can sell as much stuff as you want to get high revenue figures but if you are still making a loss there is only so long you can do that for.

    Dell appear to be doing everything possible to have the highest revenue regardless of operating profit. I suppose the losses have shrunk bbut they are still very big numbers.

  4. bombastic bob Silver badge

    Dell mistakenly hitched their wagon to Micro-shaft and Win-10-nic

    had they NOT tied their success to Micro-shaft's operating systems, particularly Win-10-nic, it's likely that they would do better.

    How about THIS, Dell:

    a) offer LOTS of lower-end computers with pre-installed Linux, discounted by the license cost for Win-10-nic

    b) Make sure that the high-end computers are ALL Linux compatible and no 'proprietary' Linux drivers, either

    c) ALWAYS offer a discount for Linux pre-installed, to compensate for not paying a license for Win-10-nic

    And so on. Give us a reason to purchase a Dell machine, in lieu of Lenovo and others that compete with you. Your prices are higher than "those guys" which keeps me from getting a Dell. That's really what matters.

    it's kinda like Supply and Demand 101, ya know?

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