back to article Oooooklahoma, where the AI comes predictin' down the plain: Neural net spins up wind turbine power estimates

A freshly developed AI system can predict the power generated by wind farms up to 36 hours in advance, helping electrical grid managers plan ahead in terms of availability, according to the latest collaboration between Google and its Alphabet stablemate DeepMind. Both companies announced this week they together developed a …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Duff baseline

    If the baseline scenario was no timed commitments to the system operator, that's going to produce a dramatic claimed pricing benefit. But that's a bogus position, since no sane commercial wind farm operator operates without planning ahead. They could use public weather forecasts, most pay for commercially specific forecasts that concentrate on the wind forecast at turbine height (as well as forecasting power demand, since that's the other driver of wholesale price).

    How does Deepmind do against the real baseline, of using a paid, commercial forecast that focuses on the details relevant to wind farm operators? I'm guessing something unimpressive like very low single digit percentages.

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Duff baseline

      Ah yeah, we were skeptical of the announcement, though that cynicism didn't trickle into the final article as necessary.

      I've updated it to reflect the fact the claimed 20 per cent is unrealistic, unless wind plant operators truly are doing no prediction at all...


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  3. Alan Brown Silver badge

    Destabilising the grid

    At some point grid operators are going to be allowed to insist that wind/solar operators NOT be allowed to dump power onto the grid in an uncontrolled manner, in order to avoid repeats of the South Australian fiasco. The hidden subsidy of top dollar payments has to go too.

    Elon's battery bank works well but the cost of this kind of thing should be borne by the generators, not the grid operators.

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