back to article Funnily enough, says NetApp, when the global economy slows down, people don't buy quite as many storage arrays

The old saying goes that when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. According to NetApp boss George Kurian, some large businesses are already reaching for the tissues. To blow their noses. From a cold they've caught from America's looming economic slowdown and trade tariff war with China. Why, what were you …

  1. SaltyTubers

    Or perhaps ...

    The move to software-defined storage is on and someone is missing the boat.

    1. SnapperHead

      Re: Or perhaps ...

      No, that is certainly not it ...

    2. Scummings

      Re: Or perhaps ...

      IDC Data -- 3 Year CAGR --

      All Storage -- +12.25%

      External Arrays -- +4.3%

      Server-Based -- +20.8%

      Q218 -- Server-Based Sales > Array-Based Sales.


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Macroeconomic BS

    Here's a breakdown of the typical NetApp year:

    Share price high:

    - party time

    - culture

    - take a gamble on an acquisition

    Share price declining:

    - "Macroeconomic BS"

    - "disciplined spending"

    - spring layoffs in LIFO order

    Share price low:

    - "focus on execution"

    - imitate the competition and call it innovation

    - somehow integrate the last aquisition into ontap

    Share price rising:

    - stock the beer fridge

    - plan insight

    - post something about culture on LinkedIn

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Macroeconomic BS

      - "CLOUD!" -- say it is "winning in cloud" based on an annual run rate of $33M in cloud ONTAP sales.

      - "Flash!" -- say it is winning in Flash, when All Flash revenue is up the EXACT SAME rate as All Flash is for the trailing 12 months, according to IDC. That's not winning, that's treading H20.

      - "Flash -- SolidFire sales...err...who?" -- carefully forget SolidFire revenue generated under NetApp's stewardship, nevermind the $775M price tag.

      ...But there's always...

      - "Best Places to Work!" -- trot out another manufactured award, carefully orchestrated by HR to have employees "spontaneously" write in about how great it is.

      Congrats on the quarter. 2% revenue growth net of inflation is called Negative Growth.

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