back to article AI gets carded, China and US agree on robot wars, Amazon claims Rekognition is just fine

Here's a quick summary of recent AI news to kickstart your week beyond what we've already reported. DeepMind sets its eyes on a new game: With Go, chess, old Atari games, and StarCraft under its belt, DeepMind is taking on a new challenge: the card game Hanabi. Unlike previous games, Hanabi is a cooperative game and players …

  1. Francis Boyle Silver badge

    You can only misuse it by using it incorrectly

    Well, I suppose that's alright then.

  2. BigSLitleP Silver badge

    I love Hanabi

    Got a copy myself. Good game if you and your friends are harmonious and smart.

    My friends and I are drunk and dumb. Hanabi turns in to a laughing / swearing event and ends with a low score and us playing again.

    1. Charles 9 Silver badge

      Re: I love Hanabi

      Still, it shows they're trying things not so obvious. You could probably try a similar approach with a 2-on-2 game of Mille Bournes. 2-on-2 because this requires cooperation in a situation where you don't know your partner's cards yet the partner needs to be able to react to your actions as you will to theirs, so it's another form of imperfect information situation.

  3. Muscleguy Silver badge

    If no human lives are at risk then war becomes much more likely. That is the risk of taking humans out of the battlefield.

  4. RunawayLoop

    Spectating war

    So if there won't be any humans in future wars does that mean war could b monitized as a spectator event?

  5. vtcodger Silver badge

    What could possibly go wrong?

    there won't be any humans in future wars

    Boy does THAT sound like the premise for a negative utopia novel. "What could possibly go wrong?" taken to a new and horrifying level.

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