back to article Tell NASA to grab the margarita mix – a sextillion-kg salty ring found floating in space

Astronomers are scratching their heads after discovering a protostellar disk around a young star containing a whopping amount of salts. Orion SrcI is about 1,500 light years away and is currently classified as a young stellar object. It’s a hefty star – fifteen times heavier than our Sun – and is still nestled in a nurturing …

  1. Woza

    I'd take that report

    With a grain of salt.

    1. MyffyW Silver badge

      Interstellar Ramen Noodle Exhibit

      Be careful children, that's a lot of sodium.

      1. TRT Silver badge

        Re: Interstellar Ramen Noodle Exhibit

        As reported by the Russian's Soya Space Station?

  2. 89724102172714182892114I7551670349743096734346773478647892349863592355648544996312855148587659264921 Bronze badge

    That much salt around Uranus would be uncomfortable

    1. Spherical Cow Bronze badge

      You seem to mention that planet a lot. You must really like Uranus!

  3. arctic_haze

    is the Universe getting salty because of what we do with our planet?

    Just asking.

  4. Blazde

    Noting that at no point does the paper rule out the possibility this is an alien fish and chip shop accident.

  5. Richard_Sideways


    IIRC there was a huge cloud of acetic acid discovered a few years back... what next? The Prawn Cocktail stellar nursery? A cheese and onion binary system? The Nice'n'Spicy NikNak nebula?

    1. Spherical Cow Bronze badge


      So long as there is a galaxy of beer to wash it all down.

      1. VikiAi


        Since alcohol is a hydrocarbon, I imagine there are some moons awash with the stuff not to far away from here (some filtering and distillation may be required)!

  6. Blockchain commentard Silver badge

    I vote on renaming the star 'the Tequila Slammer'.

  7. TrumpSlurp the Troll Silver badge

    Simple explanation?

    Salts found in old star. New star hit something. Something was old star.

    Thank you. Nobel prize in old notes, please. No consecutive numbers.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Simple explanation?

      More like old star go kaboom at end of life. Time passes. New star forms in vicinity which is quite salty from remains of old star.

  8. TRT Silver badge


    I believe it had great, big, wide, rolling blue oceans.

  9. Graham Butler

    500 years ago? If it's 1500 light years away, wouldn't it be 2000 years ago?

    1. VikiAi

      Time is relative

      And the more time spent a long distance from relatives, the better.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still not as salty as your average League of Legends player.

  11. Muscleguy Silver badge

    I have postural hypotension, if I sit or crouch for too long or at all in hot weather and then stand up I get all dizzy because my blood pressure doesn't rise like it should. Can I have a smidgeon of some of that please, especially if it's mildly iodised. Got to keep the thyroid ticking over.

  12. Mark 85 Silver badge

    To paraphrase... "Space is strange. Unbelievably strange and totally unlike anything we can imagine".

  13. Michael Hoffmann

    New El Reg unit

    Can we use this as unit of recommended daily Sodium allowance?

    As in “this bag of crisps is 34 pico-orionscris of the daily allowance” (pronounced oh-rye-ON-screes)

  14. Sleep deprived

    Any trace of pepper or paprika?

    (that's all the spices we had at home at the time this cloud formed).

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