back to article Scaling up Azure Service Fabric Linux Clusters using Ubuntu Xenial? Not so fast, friend

While the Redmond executioner was bringing the axe down on the neck of Azure Party Clusters, an Ubuntu security update has done the same to the Azure cloud's Service Fabric Linux Clusters. Problems began with a security update made on February 6 to Ubuntu Xenial (the 16.04 LTS) which arrived via the usual public Ubuntu package …

  1. regbadgerer

    Just azure?

    Seem to be constantly seeing articles about azure or 365 going titsup, but not so much about the other vendors. Is there a reg bias here, or is azure just genuinely breaking a lot at the moment?

    1. Nate Amsden

      Re: Just azure?

      This seems to have nothing to do with azure itself just bad or missing testing on the Ubuntu update.

      All of the big cloud providers are "built to fail" (as in you should expect failures to happen quite frequently that are not easy to recover from short of rebuilding or restoring from backup or if you have an app that has better redundancy to handle that kind of stuff). So most of that stuff is so common it doesn't make the news. For the org I am with for example we haven't lost a VM in the ~7 years since we moved out of public cloud.

      Azure I think gets more headlines to some extent as they have more SaaS offerings that are critical like Office 365/email etc. SaaS should be more resilient to those types of faults but it seems in many cases it is not quite there yet.

      Larger scale cloud issues certainly hit the news though, El reg has had quite a few on Google and Amazon too.

      1. Howard Hanek

        Re: Just azure?

        Testing? My outfit USED to test but the people we use in Mumbai don't seem to believe in it.......

  2. hititzombisi


    That is a weird package to break scaling?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: rssh?

      Sounds plausible to me. It's about "management operations" on VMs - so presumably they're using ssh to access the running VM to tweak some setting or config file (with rssh as the local restricted shell)

  3. fredesmite Bronze badge

    Ubuntu -- PURE GARBAGE

    It's stench is horrible

    1. chuckm

      Re: Ubuntu -- PURE GARBAGE

      OK I'll bite.

      As long as we're talking about rubbish operating systems, how is it that w10 still utterly fails to do network time properly? GARBAGE operating systems like ubuntu have had this right for 20 years. Windows is still a toy and always will be it seems. I dunno, were you in space or something for the October (November December...) update?

      And in any case, if you want linux, why not use people who actually know something about it and didn't have to be dragged there kicking and screaming? e.g. AWS or indeed anyone else.

      I mean Linux on Azure, why would you f******* bother?

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