back to article Oracle accuses US of underhand tactics because discrimination case 'doomed to fail'

Oracle has accused the US Department of Labor (DoL) of bringing new claims into a pay discrimination suit because it knows its original case against the Silicon Valley corp will fail, and of "coordinating" with the lawyers for plaintiffs in a civil case. The Silicon Valley corp said a second set of claims filed by the DoL's …

  1. Duncan Macdonald Silver badge

    Oracle - innocent ???

    When the facts are against you - argue the law

    When the law is against you - argue the facts

    When both the facts and the law are against you - pound on the table and make speeches

    Oracle seems to be at the pound on the table and make speeches stage.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: Oracle - innocent ???

      I think they're beyond the pound the table and make speeches stage. More like "hold your breath until they blue and scream "conspiracy". These truly are the times of madness.

    2. a_yank_lurker Silver badge

      Re: Oracle - innocent ???

      What did Leisure Larry do to piss off the ferals? Normally, they are not so hard-nosed about hammering a company on these types of antics.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Oracle - innocent ???

        Oracle and a number of different government and state departments are at war over how best to run government IT.

        Oracle has traditionally been the US public sectors favourite ERP/big database vendor which has led to deals where pretty much everything was licensed to use Oracle solutions making it appear very cost effective. Between changes in licensing on Oracles side and improvements in how the US government runs both IT and procurement, Oracles access to the pork barrel has started to become restricted. There is a lot of unhappiness on the US government side of this because they believe Oracle have been screwing them for a long time (I’m not disagreeing but it’s hard to judge without solid numbers) while Oracle see the shift to cloud vendors moving government systems to non-Oracle vendors or open source which is hurting Oracles sales.

        Speculating further, I would suggest Oracles cloud business was setup to allow Oracle to continue to sell to The US government as much as private businesses and between the DoD JEDI contract and other contracts already given to AWS/Azure/Google, that Oracle cloud may end up as an expensive mistake and Iracle using another cloud vendor. If so, that will dramatically alter their market position over the next 5+ years.

  2. ma1010

    They what?

    Let's see if I have this right. Oracle is accusing someone else of nefarious behavior?

    I have no idea if the government is doing something underhanded or not, but for Oracle to make such an accusation is like the BOFH accusing the PFY of unnecessary violence towards users.


  3. DCFusor

    Yeah, apparently they haven't figured out that the plan "if you can't compete, litigate" has its limits. Once people decide you're the bad guy in the room the rest doesn't matter as much. Eventually the law serves justice, despite itself.

    Remember when innovation to increase the size of the pie mattered more than fighting over an ever-smaller pie?

    Heck, I've had to go to court a time or few over things - and always won - because I was in the right...and my (good, I think) lawyers never had to pull histrionics or the usual Oracle "try to move the goalposts" crap. In fact, I can think of at least one case we won (more easily at least) because the other side did that stuff and the judge didn't like it.

    I actually liked my lawyers...

    Of course, many people like their personal representative politician too - I understand the issue.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    For instance, it said, the complaint "assumes that employees who share a job title or job code perform similar work".

    Huh? I thought that's factually the purpose of job codes and titles, otherwise why do they exist? They are for comparative purposes. Otherwise they are just feel-good labels. Further, the codes are required for reporting to the government, especially the Department of Labor, and aren't the least bit optional.

    I also rather like how signed legal agreements become, in Oracle's lies, secret oral agreements. Wow. Just wow.

    1. Dabbb

      Job title - Senior, job code - AFAIR Oracle uses IC-number for non-management positions.

      Now explain me, dear Sherlock, why in your opinion IC5 Senior Recruiter should be paid same as IC5 Senior Database Developer, even if they are based in same country and office.

      Actually, explain me why do you think that two IC5 Senior Database Developers from same team, irrespective of their sex, should be paid exactly the same.

      1. Oengus

        Actually, explain me why do you think that two IC5 Senior Database Developers from same team, irrespective of their sex, should be paid exactly the same.

        It's not about comparing two individuals. It is about getting the average all of the IC5 Senior DB Devs, then comparing the average of all Male against the average of all Females (or whatever attribute you decide to use to do the slicing - gender, race, age, geographic location...) and seeing if there is a significant variation. Now, the issue is, who decides if the difference is significant? I have just had to prepare the data for a similar exercise downunder.

        1. Dabbb

          Did you just assume genders of IC5 Senior DB Devs ?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      >job codes

      Not to mention that those babies, and their reporting requirements, are de raison d’etre of pricey ERP systems. Perhaps they mis-configured them? Wait, isn’t Oracle an ERP vendor? LOL

  5. tool

    Payback a bitch.

  6. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    If they have a secret oral agreement how would Oracle know about it? And how would they know that what they think they know is real?

  7. LateAgain

    "Oracle has accused the OFCCP of having a "secret oral agreement"...."

    Pot, kettle

  8. M.V. Lipvig

    Only 4 years?

    In my experience with dealing with the US DOL, 4 years is like a week when dealing with any company. The DOL moves like mollases moves in wintertime; imperceptibly.

  9. Tom 7 Silver badge

    Perhaps they should get their data into some from of computer analysis system

    and they could see if there is some bias in their data.

    Mind you top quality lawyers would be cheaper than their nearest available option for that.

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