back to article What matters most to open-source chat plat Mattermost? To shove this fresh $20m into security, privacy

Slack-for-engineers Mattermost has said it plans to plough its $20m Series-A funding into privacy and security. Mattermost is open source and, its CEO Ian Tien told The Register, is "by developers for developers" – words that usually strike fear into the heart of UI designers. However, the messaging platform has proved …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    20m dollar explanation.

    It sounds like a private git, how is it different?

    EDIT: never mind, it's yet another chat app that resembles iCQ of yesteryear.

    Say what you must about the forgotten ICQ, but it really jumped out in front with its simplistic GUI design. Even had that amazing 32x32 video chat option that could pull off 64x64 on isdn! The glorious 90's are gone....

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