1. Conundrum1885

    Phone data recovery

    Incidentally has anyone else taken apart some phones with TouchID or other fingerprint scanners?

    Rumor has it that a certain fruity company got in trouble because as it turned out the sensor still worked most of the time but as the security chip is on a separate physical line even slight damage to the ribbon or corrosion was enough to make it trip if for any reason the phone unexpectedly restarted after the rogue update or low battery or.. etc.

    Symptoms: when you run the test if you see even one single red FAIL change it because if you don't, unlock may fail at some point in the future leaving you locked out for good!

    Fortunately most of the time it just needs cleaning and reseating.

    No thanks to (company rhyming with dung) for gluing everything to everything else resulting in a ruined screen despite extreme care in disassembly to the point of OCD.

    The cable shows massive corrosion so pretty sure its history anyway but at least now I know why it broke in the first place and the wrecked screen already had serious burnination and flickered in some modes anyway so it was on its way out.

    Also handy: if you have a broken digitizer plugging a mouse in via USB-OTG sometimes works if you use the right kind of mouse. Not my discovery but tested it here and it did work.

    You can to some extent fool the chip by feeding it offset RF signals via a copper patch antenna but thats way too much work unless the data is really REALLY vital and there is no other way to get to it, same with touchpads incidentally.

    If anyone knows of a way to reliably get the data off a phone motherboard with a burned out PMxxxx IC so there is a battery symbol for 2 seconds then nothing please let me know!

    Tried USB, no dice. Also battery when put in another phone DID charge, to 20%.

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