back to article This LAN is your LAN: Storage world still keen on high-speed Ethernet, luckily for Mellanox

Hot on the heels of Intel's reported acquisitive interest, Ethernet and InfiniBand networker Mellanox has closed out its final quarter of 2018 with an Ethernet-boosted bottom line. Tallying with last year's reported results, increased demand for cloudy and hyperscale storage drove the uptake. For its fourth quarter of fiscal …

  1. Korev Silver badge


    The earnings call was revealing about Intel’s competing Omni-Path InfiniBand products, with Mellanox president and CEO Eyal Waldman saying: "We're not seeing demand for Omni-Path almost at all ... So InfiniBand is gaining momentum and taking big market share from Omni-Path.”

    A failing Omni-Path product tech would help explain Intel's interest in acquiring Mellanox.

    I guess it's in Mellanox's interest to talk down a rival's technology. I hope Omnipath sticks around as its death would lead to there only being one type of HPC Internet available on machines that don't say Cray on them.

  2. Eric 23

    Didn't Intel buy Qlogic's infiniband line a few years back?

    I realize a fair amount of vendors OEM Intel ethernet chips, but not sure Intel getting more of a monopoly is a good thing.

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