back to article Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, deal or no deal: Doesn't matter – all integrator CGI sees is dollar signs

Canadian-owned integrator CGI seems to be salivating over the prospect Brexit, irrespective of whether Britain leaves with a no deal – which looks increasingly unlikely – or a so-called softer version. Chief exec George Schindler was asked on an earnings call last night how the organisation is planning for the big split, what …

  1. Moog42

    Bigger bus

    That was totally on the side of that bus. Brexit dividend.

    1. pmbollen

      Re: Bigger bus

      A bit like Y2K. Plenty unproductive work adding little value. Brownian Motion.

  2. OzBob

    I'll give CGI credit for one thing

    at the last Annual Conference I went to, they show the amount of tax they paid in the European division and it's roughly a third of their income. The voice conferenced in headshed even said "we pay our taxes". Can't see Apple doing that.

  3. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Article needs correcting

    Please replace CGI with ERG.

  4. ratfox

    Vultures circling

    While rats are leaving the ship...

  5. veti Silver badge

    Contingency planning

    This is not a bad thing. If more people (*cough* David Cameron *cough*) knew how to do this, we'd all be better off.

    Much better off.

  6. FozzyBear

    Well if you're not part of the solution , there's plenty of money to be made prolonging the problem.

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