back to article AyyyMD had an Epyc quarter: Server chip shipments 'more than doubled' Q3 to Q4

AMD stock edged upward in after-hours trading merely for meeting investor expectations, because it could have been much worse given Nvidia's recently trimmed guidance and TSMC's manufacturing troubles. For Q4 2018, the chip biz reported on Tuesday $1.42bn in revenue, up six per cent year-on-year, amounting to GAAP EPS of $0.04 …

  1. E 2

    I got a lot of respect for Lisa Su.

    Five or six years ago AMD looked like it might go under.

  2. Dave K Silver badge

    Good news to hear. AMD had a number of lean years after Core 2 Duo came along and Phenom floundered, and the result was a lazy Intel steadily taking its foot off the gas. Now that AMD has worthy products again, it's great to see business picking up for them and Intel having to scrabble around at last. After all, if it means better products for lower money, that's a win for everyone!

  3. Ragarath

    GO Red!

    For my upcoming server purchases at the moment it is certainly looking to be all AMD. Intel need to do better.

  4. bazza Silver badge


    Put a good product on the market at a good price, and selling it is easy. Well done AMD.

    I do wonder if AMD's decision to divest itself of its fans is now looking like a good idea. They can pick and choose from the contract fab outfits, inc Global Foundries, Intel can't.

    1. anoncow

      Re: Simple

      The clock is ticking until Intel also divests its fabs. They can do it sooner and get a decent price or they can do it later as a fire sale. Guess which one Intel is going to choose :)

  5. Ronnycharlas

    A good quality router to recommend?

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