back to article Typescript, PostgreSQL and Visual Studio Code all get slathered with a little Microsoft lovin'

Microsoft continued its grand tradition of delivering developer tools and snapping up tech firms last week. PowerShell in Code, Unions in TypeScript and Bots in Teams While Visual Studio users got a tickle in the form of a second preview of the 2019 edition, Microsoft didn't forget about its open-source sibling, Visual Studio …

  1. overunder Silver badge

    Decepticons, move out.

    So, after reading every word, MS is etching a proprietary angle into 3 pieces of open software, at every chance? Nothing between the lines looks good, good job!

    One does really wonder what is going to happen to github and why.

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: Decepticons, move out.

      I'd rather say 'benefit of the doubt' on this one, and assume they're trying to bring people who use PGSQL into their cloudy platform as potential new customers.

      [forcing them into using SQL Server or some OTHER 'approved/supported' database has apparently NOT worked very well]

    2. cs9

      Re: Decepticons, move out.

      Open source Skype? Must have been before my time.

    3. Mr Benny

      Re: Decepticons, move out.

      Hardly surprising really. MS are a corporation and their first loyalty is to their shareholders and we all know exactly what their long term game is. I blame the people and/or not for profit orgs who sell out and cash in in the first place essentially giving the finger to all their users who in exchange for loyalty get shafted. For all the noble talk of freedom and power to the people and wistful imaginings of future potential unshackled from The Man, at the end of the day money talks in open source and freeware too

  2. bombastic bob Silver badge

    Kudos for the PostgreSQL love

    I'm glad to see Azure cloud servers working better with PG. I like PG. A recent client was using PG with their system, and the 'psql' utility made it easy to admin the thing at a low level so that I could fix Django-related problems and get things up and running properly.

    In any case, PG is like the 'de facto' standard in SQL implementation, as far as I can tell. 'MySQL' and probably 'MariaDB' both have issues, improper handling of embedded quote marks in strings being one of them. Last I tried it, even ODBC calls had to use '\"' instead of '""' to indicate embedded quotes in a double-quoted string. That was a while back, though, so maybe it's been fixed? Yeah, probably not. But ODBC calls shouldn't have to assume that embedded ANYTHING in a string buffer should have to deal with embedded quotes like that...

    Anyway, Microsoft, Good job.

    1. Lusty

      Re: Kudos for the PostgreSQL love

      Bob, you have issues if you're that concerned about escaped quote symbols. Implementation is always tied to the platform and version. Always. Especially when using "standards".

  3. overunder Silver badge

    I prefer escaped quotes as the character before the escape easily identifies the closing match. Also, less squinting.

    Anyways, is there not some form of string literals yet like backquotes or something? Javascript for exampe, `"Hello there ${name}."`. It's been over 15 years since I used Postgre, but it was... nice (not too sure how to complement any given SQL implementation, it's sort of is or isn't SQL in its own application).

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