back to article Qualcomm: Please don't hate us just 'cause we're so freaking excellent

Qualcomm has launched its rebuttal of antitrust charges by claiming it's just too damn good at its job. America's Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has taken the chip designer to court in the States, accusing it of using its control of "standard-essential patents" (SEPs) to cut unfair deals with device makers, while refusing to …

  1. Baldrickk

    So it's a case of "some good, some bad, what's new?"

  2. Trollslayer

    ITC sueballs

    Qualcomm were fined more than $2 billion over the past few years for at least four violations of FRAND agreements i.e. use another mobile manufacturer's silicon and the license fees shoot up drastically.

    Boo hoo because one place I worked at closed purely due to this.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Judge Lucy Koh....

    I think we know which way this is going to go....

    1. Rustbucket

      Re: Judge Lucy Koh....

      Um, not entirely. But Judge Lucy Koh is a tough broad who has handled a lot of tech cases and really knows her stuff, so neither side will be able to put much over her.

      1. tooltalk

        Re: Judge Lucy Koh....

        knows her stuff? I'm inclined to believe that there must be a reason why Apple's allies in the FTC initiated the lawsuit at the last minute of the Obama administration, when two of the five panel members were no longer there, and chose Apple's hometown court as their main venue. Judge Koh demonstrated nothing but bias and favoritism in previous cases.

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