back to article Veeam: Users are crying out for cloud tiers

Veeam has added a Cloud element to its Availability Suite, tiering off old data to object storage in AWS and Azure or on-premises. Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4 will be revealed today at the firm's Velocity partner event in Orlando, Florida, along with its Availability for AWS and Availability Console v3 products. The …

  1. FunkyD

    Another useless feature

    Where other vendors can offload older data to s3 or Azure including dedupe factor up to 16x to 30x, Veeam (max dedupe 2x to 4x) can't offload incrementals? Good stuff!

    1. Gostev

      Re: Another useless feature

      You obviously have no idea how this feature works then.

    2. adamb1

      Re: Another useless feature

      While Veeam's local repository dedupe and compression is on a per job basis, the Veeam Cloud Tier capability has global dedupe and compression with advanced metadata management. There's significant data reduction built into the feature, and doesn't require SSD hardware to make it work (looking at you CommVault). Just a bit more on the local dedupe/compression ratio not being as good as say something like a DataDomain. As with any technology choice, there are trade offs that have to be made. While it's true with Veeam you get slightly less data reduction, you get the added benefit of not having terrible performance of accessing that data for the purposes of technology like VM Instant Restore, Veeam Explorers, and Veeam DataLabs. Veeam also requires no special hardware to do data reduction completely in software, significantly lowering the TCO of Veeam.

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