back to article Canonical brings some bling to the Internet of Things with Snap-happy Ubuntu Core 18 release

Canonical unleashed Ubuntu Core 18 on the public today following a beta of the locked-down Linux in December. Ubuntu Core is Canonical's pitch at the IoT and embedded market and brings the company's Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, released back in April 2018, to devices that prefer stability to life on the bleeding edge. Enthusiasts may …

  1. druck Silver badge

    As ever, the world comes back around to the RISC OS way of doing things, even if it doesn't know it.

    Self contained applications with no interdependencies, you saw it here 30 years ago,

  2. jake Silver badge

    Not just RISC OS ...

    To be fair, most OSes had that model 30+ years ago.

  3. Aqua-Fyre

    Linux is irrelevant

    Linux blew its chance to be a heavy hitter in the internet of things a long time ago. All the Penguini's were too busy arguing over packaging systems to notice Google's adaption of the Linux Kernel. They introduced Android just at the right time with the right features - for FREE - while Microsoft were playing footsies with Nokia and screwing over their other distributors by charging them for the same system. iOS remains relevant - but only because of the market regulators worried about monopolies. And what has happened to the much vaunted FirefoxOS effort ? Even that has shriveled up and disappeared. Well - not wishing to bad mouth Canonical - all I can say is -- 'Good luck with that'.

    1. Jedipadawan

      "Linux is irrelevant" - apparently not...

      "Before this release, the Eclipse Foundation had found that Ubuntu, along with Raspbian, the Raspberry Pi-specific Linux distribution, and Debian are the most popular IoT operating systems. All together, 72 percent of IoT developers are using Linux. "

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Linux is irrelevant

      Ubuntu did try and fail with its Convergence project. Even with very deep pockets Microsoft couldn't gain traction with its Continuum project. I think both Microsoft and Ubuntu underestimated the difficulties in gaining market share on a platform they didn't have a monopoly in.

      Ubuntu’s path to convergence

      Continuum .. looks like a phone, does like a PC

      1. Jedipadawan

        Re: Linux is irrelevant

        I am hoping KDE will win on the convergence angle.

        The KDE team have been working on convergence longer than anyone else, working slow but steady and seeing others leap in and make the mistakes. What is good with the KDE approach is that the KDE team have had the sense (after pressure form users mind, but GNOME, Ubuntu, Microsoft et al would not listen tot heir user base so it counts) to have different user experiences for different devices.

        KDE plasma works like a desktop on a desktop machine and smartphone on a smartphone whilst retaining software compatibility. Compare with the Unti/Gnome 3/Windows 8 and maybe Windows 10 fiascos.

        Early days but the first Plasma smartphones are coming out. Trouble is... I don't do devices, even a smartphone. If I did... my clients would be whatsapping me 24/7!!!

        1. Adam Inistrator

          Re: Linux is irrelevant

          There isnt any smartphone running KDE yet and one can be skeptical there ever will be.

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