back to article Cisco and Pure shove mini AI in FlashStack converged systems

Pure Storage and Cisco have linked arms to build a converged FlashStack system for AI, a kind of AIRI microMINI but one that will run at half the speed. FlashStack is a line of reference architecture converged systems using Pure Storage all-flash arrays, Cisco UCS servers and Nexus switches. It has typically competed with the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not mini

    That’s two Petaflops per C480ML which is, lets be honest, the way better server than the Nvidia DGX.

    One can argue over Arista versus Cisco Nexus but the latest Nexus ASICs are pretty brutal and a fine piece of engineering all around.

    So the scale is really only limited by how many flashblades and 480ML one can plug into the Nexus layer. And since Flashstack supports Cisco ACI spine-leaf architectures this is for all intents and purposes unlimited.

    Solid work Cisco and Pure. Nothing mini about this, though.

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