back to article Microsoft blue biz bug bounty bonanza beckons

There's more money to be made from bug hunting in Microsoft code after Redmond announced its 10th active bug hunting reward scheme, the Azure DevOps Bounty Program. Formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services, the new Azure DevOps Services provides developers with collaborative cloud coding and automation. The bug bounty …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Reg only ran a story the other day:

    "Want to get rich from bug bounties? You're better off exterminating roaches for a living"

    However given the shite code MS keeps foisting on w10 users perhaps the Reg might want to re-evaluate that story.

  2. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    Pre-Registration of Intent

    There doesn't seem to be a need to pre-register to be a Bounty Hunter in the link given, which means that a hacker can go to town on a system and, if they get caught, they simply say that they were inspired to hunt bugs for the bounties.

    If there was this need to pre-register then any exploitative activity seen on MS Servers that didn't come from someone registered on the scheme then it would be judged as criminal activity.

    So, instead of putting confidence of storing your data on MS systems, to someone such as myself it would have the opposite effect.

    EDIT: I see in the Code of Conduct, bullet point 1:-

    Don’t do anything illegal.

    This is a contradiction in terms. If you are engaging in the uncovering of bugs, it is arguably likely that your are breaking the law.

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