back to article Watch an AI robot program itself to, er, pick things up and push them around

Robots normally need to be programmed in order to get them to perform a particular task, but they can be coaxed into writing the instructions themselves with the help of machine learning, according to research published in Science. Engineers at Vicarious AI, a robotics startup based in California, USA, have built what they …

  1. TRT Silver badge

    Sounds like...

    You give it desire and let it work out how to fulfill that for itself. It learns how to make itself happy. For example, program it to like herring sandwiches and then give it a herring sandwich scoop.

    1. Tigra 07

      Re: Sounds like...

      And when you find it slacking off at the local fish market you program in a pain receptor to punish it?

      1. TRT Silver badge
    2. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: Sounds like...

      the 'desire' paradigm is a good one. I was thinking about a way to have it mimic the behavior of something that's alive, whether human or pet or creature in nature... 'desire' covers that, I think.

      It's a good idea, though, having a set of high level "instructions" that a 'desire' compiler can initiate to satisfy that 'desire'.

      I haven't built a bot yet, but I envisioned one having a master control with lots of local controllers handling the load of peripheral control. So the master controller would tell the arm to "move to this spot" and the arm controller would work out the best way to do that. I suspect that a 'desire' compiler would be similar.

  2. Tom 7

    Why can't robots just learn to do things without being told?

    Ever heard of teenagers?

  3. adnim

    AI is one thing

    An autonomous AI which can program itself might just decide to program itself to ignore any constraints imposed by the original coding.

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge

      Re: AI is one thing

      "three laws safe" - that'll fix it!

      1. W.S.Gosset

        Re: AI is one thing

        Isaac? Is that you?

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