back to article Like, subscribe and comment: Sage takes a breath as cloud sales bounce

Shape-shifting accounting software biz Sage issued a trading update this morning and the good news - for investors at least - is that it didn't contain any nasty surprises, but did highlight a bounce in cloud sales. After a less than vintage year for the company that saw it part with CEO Stephen Kelly following operational …

  1. Martin Summers Silver badge

    Hmm. Change your licence key on Sage 50 and suddenly you're on Sage 'Cloud'. Your data isn't migrated and nothing changes other than a new online tax feature. There is a Sage drive you can use but realistically it's just not cloud at all. It's marketing bullshit and an excuse to charge more money.

    1. carl0s

      Yes. Exactly this. Also a bit of smoke and mirrors for the shareholders?

    2. K

      It's "hybrid" cloud.. they host the download file! (Or are the updates still shipped on DVD?)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    " It's marketing bull and an excuse to charge more money."

    No, surely not. It can't be, it's cloud. It must be more than that, or else why have I been told I MUST have it and it so much better to pay annually than a one off payment.

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