back to article Veeam. Veeam. Veeeeeeeam. What was that? Oh, just the sound of half a billion bucks hitting backup biz's bucket

Backup firm Veeam, privately owned and headquartered in Switzerland, has taken on $500m in surprise funding. The bag of dosh means Veeam won't need to IPO in a hurry. An EMEA spokesman for Veeam told The Reg: “Large companies often look to go public when they reach the scale of Veeam at $1bn revenue (eg, Airbnb, Uber, Sprinklr …

  1. taxman

    Veeam veeam

    Does this mean that we can hopefully expect some interesting freebies at Infosec this year?

    1. Gostev

      Re: Veeam veeam

      Even sooner - next week! But software only :D

  2. Martin Summers

    Veeam is awesome. A rare product that truly just works, reliably with excellent support.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      "Veeam is awesome"

      I'll generally second you there on that although some more esoteric arrangements can leave you tearing your hair out.

      The product is great and the support is among the best in the business. Gostev is a bit of a hero!

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Cash is needed for churning to keep the wheels of the gravy train turning.

    There is nothing for real to support, only fear to export/import.

    The cash is needed, Veeam said, to accelerate the next phase of its growth in the data management game for the public and private cloud.

    Is Veeam planning to be different and Great Game changing, or is its fare and wares just to be more bullshit for media to shovel for money markets to invent and realise as cruising crippled phantom vessel rather than supernova dreadnought/black hole sensation?

    Does it just corral and push around clients 0s and 1s or does it also intend to repurpose them to avail themselves of an almighty overwhelming position in the new fields which deliver/promise/peddle/pimp/pump and dump virtual security, and which you might like to accept is oxymoronic, to the vast ignorant geo-political rabble and its arrogant protection racketeers?

    Seems to me like current marked to generate fiat paper wealth markets are zombie and ponzi geared to suck lifeless seeds into feeds rather than virile and viral streams from and for mass multi dimensional programming platforms lest new ideas and grand innovations clear out the status quo stables of nobbled runners, leaving them with nothing of value or worth to offer afterwards should they be lucky enough to survive the Deep Purge and EMPhatic Surge.

    It is just as well current status quo markets are idiotic enablers and not SMARTR Enabled to avoid and not suffer just desserts. But hey, such is only natural/karma/sweet justice and fully to be expected with the SMARTR Enabled never able to be denied their triumphs :-)

  4. steve 124


    Veeam is my main squeeze, she's so sweet, takes care of my data like a faithful mate should! BEX is my EX but Veeam has made me completely forget that old bitch!

    I Heart Veeam! :D

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