back to article Rimini and Oracle's legal eagles return to the ring in front of Supreme Court

Rimini Street and Oracle were once again at odds in the courtroom yesterday, as the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the pair's long-running copyright battle. The legal wrangling has shifted from the initial complaint – alleging the third party support vendor infringed Big Red's copyright – and onto the matter of how " …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Please, can't the both lose?

    I hope SCOTUS don't have to have a binary win/lose choice. Both parties need to be whacked so hard they never go near a lawyer again.

    1. bombastic bob Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Please, can't the both lose?

      ack, it seems (to me anyway) that they've both inflated "costs" way beyond reasonable... I suppose the massage parlors and after-trial drinking binges are in the invoice lists, someplace...

      Oh, and thumbs up for the "both lose"

  2. The Nazz

    A question.

    IANAL, obviously, so bear with me.

    On the matter of copyright, Oracle won and Rimini lost. So Oracle win some monetary award to cover "costs and expenses" of going to trial. Of which it is as clear as thick dark treacle as to what properly constitutes "costs and expenses." Hence Rimini's appeal.

    Treating the Appeal on Costs as a seperate trial, which the article alludes to, if Rimini were to win this one, which i would hope they do, does that mean that :

    a) Rimini get a significant reduction in the amount of costs and expenses first awarded


    b) Now get awarded "costs and expenses" of their own for having "won" the current trial.

    Hopefully b) being larger than the rump of a).

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