back to article Double denim? Ha! Now you can go triple denim with Seagate's hipster portable drive range

Seagate and Western Digital has of course announced new mobile HDDs, SSDs and data protection facilities at the CES gadgetfest in Las Vegas – and some of Seagate's are clad in a "tactile, textile industrial design". Oo er. Seagate LaCie and BackupPlus The LaCie range consists of Mobile Drive and Mobile SSD products. Mobile …

  1. Piro Silver badge

    Oh I see

    Gluing fabric around the whole thing makes it much more troublesome when it comes to removing "shucking" the drive inside. (and then attempting to claim on the warranty). Hope it doesn't catch on.

  2. adam payne

    The Touch drives don't have a light-blue case option but do have cloth covers for what Seagate calls a "tactile, textile industrial design". Whatever next?

    A touch drive with Tartan cloth and a Seagate hard drive that doesn't fail.

  3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    compatible with both PC and Mac.

    Well, duh!

    It's a bloody hard drive. Of COURSE it's compatible with PCs, Mac or otherwise.

    Sorry, but the whole article reads like a press release.

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