Where's my opt-out link gone?

This topic was created by Sammy Smalls .

  1. Sammy Smalls

    Where's my opt-out link gone?

    I liked the old format. Not full of white space, could browse quickly. What is this Vice.com?

    Bah, humbug.

  2. Marco Fontani

    As explained on the recent article about it, it's now gone.

    You can opt-in to the "image lite" mode if you wish, tho!

    1. Sammy Smalls

      Thank you. I must have missed it in all that white space....

      I'm trying hard to overcome my inertia, but I'm really not liking it, even with the options.

      Ah well. All things end.

  3. John Dann

    Not for me thanks, now that the old design has gone - the proverbial last straw. The new design - image-lite or not - just doesn't communicate well. So bye and thanks for all the interesting content in the past.

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