back to article Oops. Huawei beaten by cheap 'n' cheerful competitors in all-flash benchmark

An SPC-1 benchmark (PDF) run by Huawei shows it unable to answer lower-cost competition from three other Far East suppliers. The benchmark tests the responsiveness of a storage array, using a calculated score of SPC-1 IOPS, not literal IOPS, and its cost ($/KIOPS) along with other measures. The top-performing SPC-1 system is a …

  1. _LC_ Silver badge

    Performance isn’t everything.

    Performance isn’t everything. Reliability is more important. It should be relatively easy to pick up "the first crown" when not getting anywhere near the second.

    1. dfsmith

      Re: Performance isn’t everything.

      A few years back I found out I could double the speed of a flash SSD by switching "mode". It did return incorrect data, but it did so blazingly fast.

  2. Steven Brown

    Hello Folks, didn't get you?

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