back to article You wait for one IT giant to show up with its sales figures, then two come at once: Red Hat, Oracle

Red Hat and Oracle both on Monday reported their latest financial figures. Let's take a look at how they fared. Red Hat reported $847m in total fiscal Q3 2019 revenue, a 13 per cent increase from a year earlier, or 15 per cent in constant currency. That sales number also just missed Wall St's expectations. The open-source …

  1. Maelstorm Bronze badge

    Screw Oracle...

    Big Red and Larry can go F themselves after the lawsuit against Google for Java on android. On top of that, they are screwing Java developers with new licensing terms. I will not shed a tear for Larry and Co.

    That and what they did to people with Sun hardware (you are not allowed to download Solaris unless you have a support contract). Probably why places like eBay is flooded with Sun hardware.

  2. Aladdin Sane

    Yeah, but now that Amazon have done it for themselves, it'll be easier for their customers to shift from Oracle to AWS (for a fee, of course).

    1. Bryan Hall

      You obviously know nothing about databases and data interfaces. If anything, people are moving current Oracle db applications to Enterprise DB due to the Oracle compatible interface, and new systems to Postgres to avoid vendor lock-in.

      Aurora is a joke using a mix of old mysql and old Postges code. It's just the new shiny object that idiot managers think we should use.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        "You obviously know nothing about databases and data interfaces."

        With all due respect, I suspect you may not be aware of Oracles customer base - while many customers have valid requirements that benefit from the features in Oracles products, a significant percentage of those customers are on Oracle for non-technical reasons.

        For instance, the US government is benefiting from moving systems off Oracle and onto AWS cloud databases. The systems being moved aren't significant in terms of the overall data stored in them vs competitors products, but the cost difference is noticed and is driving further migrations.

  3. K

    Good to be honest...

    As a person who constantly points out adopting Cloud somebody-elses-computer really only has 2 suitable uses - Startups who don't have capital and businesses that need to scale up and down...

    I have been incredibly impressed with their database services, they've simplified resiliency and replication to the point that any idiot can set up a MySQL and MS SQL cluster in 2 minutes! They really do deserve kudos for what they have done. My concern is that by making part of the DB management idiot proof, businesses will be tempted to leave architecting to PFY's whos only DB experience is standing up a single MySQL DB for PHPBB!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Betting your company that you are THE defacto cloud star ...

    its a risky bet Oracle is taking to spin its house with that metric against AWS , Microsoft Azure etc etc

    Cloud license & on-premise license -9%

    Hardware -5%

    Services -5%

    Customer love level for your company 0 Kelvin ?

    and look how much Oracle is buying back its stocks ...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Obviously Amazon is trying out their AWS database: that´s why everythings gets screwed up on their website. Why the F do I see everything in Dutch while I´m in Germany? AWS is for amateurs and their business is shrinking, that´s why they started to advertise like crazy recently....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Good point Larry!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      > AWS is ... and their business is shrinking

      Whatever those drugs are you're smoking, you should probably go a bit easier on them. They're making you super deluded.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dear Larry

    No-one is going to tell you they are porting their stuff away from Oracle until renewal time.

    Love - the half of your business that is sick to death of your arrogance and your licensing teams smashing the door down every 5 mins.


    And whilst we are at it. How about designing a major version that doesn't throw all existing workload performance down the shitter upon install?

    Love the internet.

  7. FXi

    Double lock in is not winning IT folks over

    You go Oracle Cloud you are both locked in to HW and SW. A lot of very sensible folks are pretty thoughtful about that combination. The SW lockin has always been a challenge to budgets. AWS and Azure just do Cloud better, modular, standardized and easy to understand. But this drive to make it all or nothing (for Oracle) is driving many long customers of Oracle SW platforms consider changing or doing away with Oracle products. It'd be one thing if the Oracle HW Cloud platform was simply a competitive offering, an "option" but that's not how it's being done. And that, in essence, is why the market is going so cold on the whole Oracle Cloud. Oracle's hanging on hoping to force customers to it's platform. I don't think they realize they may well become the next Lotus in doing that.

    1. Rainer

      Re: Double lock in is not winning IT folks over

      To be fair, a lot of AWS looks like it's going the same direction: if you don't use AWS for everything, it's just more difficult.

      And AFAIK, AWS has almost "anything-as-a-service".

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Double lock in is not winning IT folks over

        The lock-in from AWS does not come from you workloads, they've been very clever here - lock-in comes from:

        1) The orchestration and automation (such as Cloudformation and Lambda)

        2) The breadth of services it offers

        Which means, even if you wanted to lift and shift, your whole deployment pipeline and scaling architecture is tied into AWS. Even using something like Terraform, you would find it too costly to migrate.

        Saying that, I recently did a training course with some employees from AWS, and actually many of there services have a meagre amount of customers. It seems Amazon have a philosophy of, "let's get a 1 or 2 Pizza Team (1 pizza, feeds 4 people) and build some shit", then we'll see what sticks!

        Also, you may be surprised to hear, that many of Amazon's own services, don't run on AWS - For example, Prime TV still relies largely runs from its own data centres (they are migrating, slowly..)

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Open Source Databases are doing to OracleDB what Linux did to AIX, HP/UX and Solaris.

    The proprietary product may be more functional but when it costs 10x more most people realise they can live without it.

    Who in their right mind would choose to design a new application around Oracle?

    This, and the fact that they have well and truly missed the boat on Cloud, does not bode well for Oracles future, shame eh?

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The problem Oracle has is that new development is not being done with Oracle databases. Eventually you become the CA of databases living on a dwindling revenue stream from trapped angry customers.

  10. Rainer

    Oracle Cloud

    Recently saw a presentation on the Oracle Cloud.

    It doesn't look too bad, TBH.

    Pricing I don't know, but it looks like a large, solid OpenStack implementation.

    I wouldn't rule it out if I was tasked with choosing a cloud-provider.

    AWS may be cheaper in some (or all cases) - but the lock-in is IMO even worse than what you ever had with Oracle databases.

    And Jeff's ships are bigger and more expensive than Larry's, so you can make an educated guess as to where this is going...

  11. Britt Johnston
    IT Angle

    autonomous DB report?

    Given that Oracle databases have had a meta-DB to set up and manage its structure for the last 25 years, I was curious whether they had finally taken the step to adjust table sizes automatically.

    I typed 'autonomous database' into your search window, hoping to find a report by somebody who has given it a test drive. No luck, but comments on the recent Oracle shindig were filled with users recommending avoiding the company like the plague. Was that the last word on the subject?

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