back to article Visual Studio Code's Python extension goes to Jupyter

The hardworking elves toiling in the corridors of Redmond loaded up Santa's sled with two more developer treats in the form of Python updates for Visual Studio Code and a fresh preview of the venerable .NET Framework. Jupyter Ascending Fresh from an early November release rammed with data science goodness, the team responsible …

  1. bombastic bob Silver badge

    "venerable" '.Not' framework?

    I had a different adjective in mind. Age does not make it respectable, but it DOES make it 'old'. And quite possibly, 'outdated'.

    ".Not Core" isn't any better, in my opinion, with the exception of open-source-ness.

    It's all Micro-shaft putting even MORE lipstick on the non-oinky end of the boar.

    Now, if they could make the UNDERLYING OPERATING SYSTEM better, by fixing all of the bugs THERE, or maybe RE-ISSUE a new 'LTR' version of Windows 7 [without the forced updates, naturally], or at the very least let us SHUT THE [profanity] OFF in Win-10-nic and CUSTOMIZE it [including a 3D skeuomorphic look and no 'the metro' bright blue on blinding white 'settings' screens] I'd be a LOT more likely to give them due accolades.

    But they haven't. And so I won't. It's just more disappointment, from my perspective.

    (oh but making python work better, I guess that's something good. yay.)

    1. elDog

      Re: "venerable" '.Not' framework?

      I tried to give you both an up-vote and a down-vote but the crafty engineers at LeRegist foresaw my attempt.

      So, an up-vote for a loverly rant. Sometimes slaws are just good tasting like they came from the veggies themselves without dressings.

      The down-vote is because I can't understand much of your articulated complaints. (Articulated as in multi-jointed.)

      My aside - MS will still like to kill anything not stolen/stealable in Redmond. Apparently python is safe so the best way to smother it is with Microsoft Kindness (tm). Beware all who enter there....

  2. PickledGherkin

    It would be nice if they fixed some of the bugs in the module first before adding more to it.

  3. chucklepie

    Maybe if they made VS as nice to use with Core (for example, EF by database first or the myriad of front-end gui stuff that requires you to use a command line in Core) or added features to Core people want (like lazy loading of data in EF), possibly made it simpler to deploy a website to IIS, more will move.

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