back to article Get real! Microsoft CTO of AI quits Redmond for real estate biz

The office of CTO for AI at Microsoft now has a stonking great “vacant” sign plastered on it, as previous incumbent Joseph Sirosh this week trotted off to become CTO of Compass, a New York-based real-estate outfit. Sirosh joined the gang at Redmond just over five years ago in July 2013, having worked for more than eight years …

  1. CAPS LOCK Silver badge

    Obviously the guy is a genius...

    ... CTO to estate agent...

    1. jake Silver badge

      Re: Obviously the guy is a genius...

      It doesn't take genius to see which compensation package is larger.

      Location, location, location.

      1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

        Kind of sheds a light on his true nature, eh ? He was so good at convincing people about the AI nobody has yet, he finally got his dream job : conning idiots out of mountains of cash to ensure tidy profits.

  2. Flakk

    As for who might replace Sirosh, we’ve contacted Microsoft and will update if the company responds.

    Replace Sirosh with Cortana. It'll be funny.

  3. Hans 1 Silver badge
    Paris Hilton

    AI is, for the moment, quite a con ... we shall see, but it is overhyped and we have not yet seen anything more than gullible chatbots ... I guess he could not take the hot aire anymore ...

  4. nifto

    Joseph was very honest about AI in a BBC episode of Click sharing the view it's just data crunching on a large scale.

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