back to article Like the Architect in the Matrix... but not: Nvidia trains neural network to generate cityscapes

In conjunction with opening of AI conference NeurIPS, until recently known as NIPS, chip biz Nvidia has demonstrated a system that generates 3D environments using neural networks, open sourced its PhysX physics engine, and announced its Titan RTX GPU. Nvidia created a driving game for NeurIPS attendees that allows players to …

  1. Nick Sticks

    Bwaa Ha Hah Haaa

    The Nvidia Titan RTX is "the fastest PC graphics card ever built," Nvidia insists.

    I could take over the world with that.

    No, really!

    (Homage to Time Computers ad many years ago)

  2. Teiwaz

    Good News

    Now if only Nvidia would spend a little more time on their 'Linux driver so it'd integrate with the kernel better and their customers could have the option to use Wayland.

    I've not really been that impressed with their drivers, nor their OSS credentials as regards assisting Nouveau to fill in for their lack of interest in catering to customers who chose desktop Linux.

  3. steve 124

    Nvidia and the .1%

    The day I spend $2500 is the day I plug 240v bare wires to my balls and flip the switch.

    I have LOTS of spare money (no kids don't ya know) and I LOVE gaming, however, Nvidia seems to have forgotten (maybe because of BC mining) that they are making toys for nerds, not AI researchers.

    I have spend that much on my PC, which was equal to a $1500 PC the next year (and a $700 PC 2 years later) but one component? Please.

    This exercise in seeing how much money they can extract for "the fastest" blah blah has got to stop. For $2500 I could (and yes this is blasphemy) but a P4 AND Xbox1 and still have a ton of money to load them up with leading title games.

    Just lower the 10 series to what used to be normal pricing and let the suckers burn their houses down with these RTX cards.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Good news on PhysX licensing.

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