back to article NSW government finally released 'net vote system review, says everything's just fine

Australia's New South Wales Electoral Commission has given its electronic voting system a clean bill of health, dismissing hacking fears as “theoretical,” and accepting a PWC report saying the system to date was protected by “security through obscurity”. Reviews of election processes are routine, and in 2016, the NSW Joint …

  1. ocratato

    A Lack of Trust will be the Problem

    It won't take too many articles like this, and similar threads in social media to destroy the public's trust in electronic voting. If the people lose trust in the voting system then they will have no trust in the political system (or even less than there is now).

    While it may be possible to build a secure voting system it will have to use some complex encryption techniques. Good luck explaining them to the public so that they trust the system.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Management Consultants

    Run by over-paid fat cats.

    Staffed by graduates with visions of being the former.


  3. Denarius Silver badge

    not only but also

    All Oz Public services have symptoms of an infestation of techno-utopians, ie gullible clever people. that is, moderate to high IQ idiots. Any argument that includes the words "inevitable" should be shut down as dangerously naive immediately. Given the high levels of distrust of all Oz political processes and institutions, this is is another tree trunk masquerading as a straw to bring levels of distrust to dangerous highs. To accept any security thruogh obscurity shows the AWS open buckets issue is not understood as the potential disaster it can be for victims of identity theft. Now where was my local MPs email address ?

  4. Peter Prof Fox

    And the legally required back-door?

    So the gaping hole in security called the Constitutionally Required Access Protocol? Is that 'theoretical'' or does being baked-in make it OK?

  5. Woza

    Fun though it is to jump on the bandwaggon

    That "security by obscurity" phrase, although a red rag to an infosec bull, actually reads like a comment on the status quo rather than a desirable goal. All he's saying is that the software isn't widely used enough to attract much malevolent attention, which is quite probably true.

  6. Ribfeast

    Why not use Horizon State for the voting system?

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