back to article Big Blue shoos Db2 blues before rogue staff turn the screws in hijack ruse (translation: patch your IBM databases)

IBM is advising folks this week to check if they should update their Db2 database installations following the discovery of a potentially serious security vulnerability. Big Blue says that the flaw, designated CVE-2018-1897, is an elevation-of-privilege flaw that, if exploited, would allow a logged-in attacker to execute code …

  1. Pandora LB

    Or you could use a grown up database ...

    DB2 - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzz /os

    1. ElReg!comments!Pierre

      Re: Or you could use a grown up database ...

      Beat me to it. Apparently our DBs are safe ;-)

  2. funkyIBM

    @Shaun - congrats for selecting a 1980's PC as your headline picture. Obviously you have a lot of sympathy for IBM ;-)

    So all I can see is a business-as-usual security update that fixes a vulnerability as it happens frequently across all software and vendors. (When was the last time your android or iOS phone received an update?).

    Much ado about nothing. And Db2 clients will be happy that the problem was identified and corrected.

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