back to article We all fall together. Azure MFA takes a tumble for the second week running

In a touching show of solidarity with its Exchange Online cousin, Microsoft’s Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service has fallen over and is struggling to get back up. Again. If Microsoft hasn’t developed an AI bot capable of filling its social media orifices with apologies yet, then it is surely only a matter of time …

  1. DJV Silver badge


    I suspect some people are beginning to think that MFA should actually stand for Microsoft Fuck All - because that's all its SLA is worth!

    1. DailyLlama

      Re: MFA

      WIsh I could upvote that more times!

      Have a drink on me

  2. Anonymous South African Coward Bronze badge

    Did somebody forgot to apply the MFA patch? Or was the patch also buggy?

  3. el kabong
    Thumb Down


    Another Microsoft fuck up, big deal.

    Microsoft fuck ups cost you less than half a dime a dozen these days, or cheaper if you get them in bulk.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Everyone is getting them in bulk now, whether they want it or not.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anyone know whether this outage, and the one last week, affect 3rd party MFA that integrates with Azure AD, such as Duo? Or do they bypass the breakage?

  5. Lou 2

    Main Frame Alternative

    What does MFA stand for - Main Frame Alternative?

    Guess those CEOs that has gone full cloud are slightly worried now.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Main Frame Alternative

      > Guess those CEOs that has gone full cloud are slightly worried now.

      The ones that chose Microsoft cloud anyway.

      The company that thinks that turning things off and on again is the solution to all problems.

      1. hoola Silver badge

        Re: Main Frame Alternative

        Nah, no chance, a minor inconvenience that is forgotten about by the time the next large lunch arrives.

  6. JohnFen

    Sure, in theory

    "MFA is undoubtedly a good thing"

    Sure, the concept is good. The implementation, however, not so much. The vast majority of the MFA implementations I've seen are not what I'd call "a good thing".

  7. Nolveys

    At least it's secure

    We contacted Microsoft to find out what had become of the service and the lessons learned from last week, but have yet receive a response.

    They'll get back to you once they can access their email again.

  8. vtcodger Silver badge

    Microsoft is to be congratulated

    I should like to thank Microsoft for taking a first concrete step toward a universal 32 hour work week.

  9. royprime

    Enough of the Microsoft Fail Again.

    So, the site I'm working with are not huge, they only spend just over £1275 pm on Office 365, however now it's been up and down over three days. Either the MFA isn't working or outlook isn't connecting or both. Ironically I was told by Microsoft to remove the MFA from the admin account so I could reset the other accounts, which I couldn't anyway as I couldn't login.

    Main reason we went for the MFA was because some bot guessed some user passwords and their accounts were sending out some lovely bit mining software. In this day and age of GDPR where you need everything as secure as possible I don't want to keep telling our GDPR officer, oh yes one of our accounts was compromised again.

    I've emailed Microsoft too, as surely by now us poor saps that are stuck on their products deserve some kind of compensation for this grief.

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