back to article HPE Storage crows: All the array-slingers NVMe for my SCM

HPE has made its storage arrays faster with Optane caching, while adding containerisation support to its Cloud Volume Nimble arrays to bridge on-premises, AWS and Azure public clouds. First XPoint, then Z-NAND: Oh dear, server-makers. SCM is happening READ MORE It is also beefing up InfoSight 3PAR and Nimble array management …

  1. Dick Pountain

    I just fed that headline to Google Translate and it detected the language as Chichewa

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The headline is just hashed and salted for security purposes. I am sure it will be decrypted soon.

  2. WYSIWYG650

    Congrats on NPS (Nimble Private Storage)

    Innovation, yes, but what decade? I like how Nimble is both trying to play nice, and by nice I mean connecting their hardware to a cloud, and at the same time, admitting they are competing against the cloud. That does not sound like a winning strategy. HW vendors that are innovated are partnered with hyberscalers and sell with, and not against them more often than not. I can think of one such HW vendor, but I have a feeling you know who I will say...

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