back to article Roll up, roll up, HPE's composable infra charabanc is coming

HPE is updating its wares to reduce the skill level needed to deploy its so-called composable infrastructure. Composable infrastructure is its fancy term for pools of networking, storage, and compute resources, all managed as one platform through software and automation, and not necessarily hosted all on-premises. It can look …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    HPE not-quite-Cookie-Monster

    We are not sure whether HPE intended to depict IT departments as an uncontrollable monster causing corporate havoc

    This feeds into the wetdream corporate types have regarding their IT department, as in they would like not to have one. And the vendors of agile-in-the-serverless-cloud business are happy to sell them the dream. No IT people, no hardware infrastructure, everyone on laptops. The reality being - IT isn't a cost - it is your business.

    1. Erik4872

      Re: HPE not-quite-Cookie-Monster

      I think a lot of that thinking comes from "digital transformation" salesmen wondering out loud why an established business with thousands of employees can't be more like the 5-person "Tinder for Nurses" startup huddled around a cafeteria table banging out JavaScript on their MacBook Pros.

      Unless you truly have no infrastructure and no existing systems, it's more difficult than they're selling to flip a switch and "serverless all the things." Just like Dotcom Bubble 1.0, Bubble 2.0 will pop, the startups will go away, and we'll take the useful things we've learned from this iteration, leaving the breathless hype behind.

      I'd say we've received a lot from this latest bubble...public cloud, IaC, etc...I just wish the pundits would slow down and stop telling everyone about the newest technology that will destroy everyone's jobs if they don't ditch the stuff they spent the last month learning and learn it RIGHT NOW!

  2. The Original Steve


    Thought they meant it rotted after a few months...

  3. 45RPM Silver badge

    Once again, it’s not the technology - it’s the way that it gets used or abused that’s the problem.

    Devops is just the way that we should be working. Composable Infrastructure has the potential to speed development and reduce costs. Easy to use composable infrastructure has the potential to reduce error…

    …but it isn’t a substitute for experienced staff to wield this new tool. When DTP was first launched the world was awash with crappy design. DTP doesn’t replace the page layout person, any more than Word Processors, Spelling and Grammar Checkers replace the editor. Only a fool would think these tools can replace experts.

    Sadly, it seems that many senior managers are just that (and I don’t mean expert)

  4. DJV Silver badge


    "“I think a lot of customers were hopeful, two or three years ago, that public cloud would simplify things but in fact it’s made everything more complicated"

    Colour me surprised (not!)

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