back to article It doesn't work with Docker, K8s right now, but everyone's going nuts anyway for AWS's Firecracker microVMs

Pay-or-else compute biz AWS lit the fuse for Firecracker, the virtualization technology it uses to power its serverless Lambda offering and its Fargate managed container contrivance. Firecracker, now available as open source on GitHub, relies on the Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) to create a new flavor of lightweight …

  1. Wellyboot Silver badge

    Nothing new - just highly optimised.

    >>>Firecracker is designed to be processor agnostic, though at present it runs only on Intel hardware<<<

    That'll be abstraction dependancies then, and will require updates to continue working with newer hardware designs like NT did decades ago but being open source should mean the plug won't be suddenly pulled on any hardware type during a major version update.

    Getting VM performance near to that of the bare metal has been the target since the 1970s mainframe VM systems first appeared. If it can keep at 95% with different hardware underpinnings that'll be impressive.

    1. dnicholas

      Re: Nothing new - just highly optimised.

      Secure and Intel CPUs. Those concepts don't sit right together. Why bother with a secure OS when the hardware spaffs your secrets by design?

  2. Hans 1
    Thumb Up


    Cannot wait for Kubernetes support ... my Rust-skills are rusty, though (sorry, I just had to) I have not even looked into Rust, yet ... 12 months to build somthing like this, impressive, no ?

  3. K

    Serverless infrastructure....

    My Ass!

    On another note, I always wondered how it worked, so great article, also glad to see Amazon finally giving back to OSS, after pillaging it for few years! (Saying that, I have it on good authority individual Amazon employees have released quite a bit, but its not "official" Amazon contributions).

  4. Steve Kerr

    I Read that as microVMS

    Before digital got rid of it and it all became OpenVMS

    I am impressed that VMS is still going, used to love managing VMS systems

    Anyway, I reminisce and digress.

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