back to article Everyone's all like 'stick it in the cloud!' What of the mad lads pushing data closer to compute?

There was action at opposite ends of the spectrum this week – we learnt about three Israeli storage startups aiming to get data closer to compute while while world+dog stuffs it in the cloud. Lightbits Labs and TCP Lightbits Labs is developing NVMe access over TCP/IP instead of lossless Ethernet (ROCE) or InfiniBand (iWARP). …

  1. tomgreenwood

    If true,

    this could make a VAST array of difference to my purchasing decisions.

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: If true,

      I'd recommend rm -rf for considerable storage savings

  2. OldWarrior

    Test and Verify

    As a scientist, I need to see more data which is independently repeatable. I am a veteran of the old "Vaporware Wars", where the claims made by so many vested interests never materialized, or didn't work once they did release them. Does anyone remember "Integrated 7" ? It was the first iteration of the blending of Databases, spreadsheet, Doc reader etc. Great idea then, but stuck with the 640k barrier, it didn't work.The idea wasn't really viable until MS released Windows Office, and the computers reached the power to move the data around.

    The reason that there are so many "Office" clones like OpenOffice is that MS never owned the exclusive rights to the original idea. Just like DOS and Windows, they had the marketing power to power the market; but eventually their program was the first to really work, so I at least have to respect them for that.

  3. muliby

    Lightbits Labs - a small but important correction

    I can't comment on the specifics since Lightbits Labs is still nominally in stealth mode, but just one correction: it's not "its commodity servers", it's "*any* commodity server." HTH :-)

  4. philipclark

    100,000µs or above???

    I think you need better storage if you have >100ms latency... =)

    1. ManOfFewWords

      Re: 100,000µs or above???

      Yes, but they're talking about 100 (or 200) microseconds latency, not 100 (or 200) milliseconds.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'to' not 'in'

    I first read the title as 'stick it to the cloud' and I thought yeah, where do we sign up?

  6. JohnFen

    This makes me happy

    I'm so glad that there are companies that continue to work on cloudless solutions. It's very good for those of us who are completely allergic to the cloud.

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