back to article Let's have a look-see, Pure. Sales, up. Staff, growing. Forecasts, beat. Projections, rising. Profit... oh look at the time, gotta run, cya...

Pure Storage has reported quarterly results that beat Wall Street estimates and caused it to upgrade full-year guidance – but one thing still evades the all-flash array maker, and that is profit. For the three months ended 31 October, Pure's Q3 of fiscal '19, revenues crossed the line at $372.8m, up a whopping 34 per cent year …

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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There is no doubt storage companies and the storage market is doing very well, however, for a company with 66% (GAAP) margin to not being profitable after almost a decade, well, that's becoming a problem.

    50% of Pure's costs are SG&A and their R&D is 35% of sales! Also stock compensation increased by 10%!

    Folks, these are incredibly large numbers and not normal for a company that's been around for a decade with over $1bln revenue.

    Lastly, explain to me what is Pure's technical advantage over their peers other than marketing very aggressively? I believe the market noose around Pure's neck will be getting tighter and tighter and If they slip below 30% growth there will be a bloodbath.

  3. WYSIWYG650

    Pure pitches the value of "data fabric"

    I really loved this article. Pure seems to admit that fast islands of storage are not innovative enough and need data mobility to be current. I wonder if any other companies have any technologies for data mobility or dare I call it "data fabric'...? What if, you could run the same storageOS on white boxes, engineered appliances and in the cloud with secure, cost efficient data mobility? That would be cool or even #datadriven

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Pure pitches the value of "data fabric"

      Oh here we go again! Another NetApp advertisement. NetApp's cloud revenue is $27mil on a $600mil goal. I'm not saying that. NetApp is.

      Good luck

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Pure pitches the value of "data fabric"

        Do all Pure Storage employees have a sideline in anonymous trolling on The Reg? Or do you outsource it all to St Petersburg?

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