back to article MIT to Oz: Crypto-busting laws risk banning security tests

Australia's government's crypto-busting legislation risks blocking security research, a leading Internet policy boffin has warned. Speaking to a parliamentary hearing into the “Assistance and Access” legislation this morning, a director of the Massachusetts Internet Policy Research Initiative, Daniel Weitzner, said the problem …

  1. Nick Kew

    Aussie Edition

    We[1] are creating a separate Aussie edition of our opensource product.

    Not that the Aussie law affects us at present, but we anticipate future versions of our product acquiring capabilities that are likely to bring it under Aussie law. So we'll need to fork a compromised edition from our honest product, to be prepared.

    [1] That's a generic "we", of course. And the Aussie version will come with an IoT-enabled tinfoil hat.

  2. FooCrypt


    In conjunction with FooCrypt’s Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, Case Study [ 897316929176464ebc9ad085f31e7284 ] submission on the Telecommunication and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Bill 2018 [ ]

    FooCrypt,0.0.1,Core has been released with a Demonstration Expiration date of 20190131235959, to enable all encryption users to download / try / buy before the impending legislative changes are brought into effect.

    Be Protected, Get ….…..

    The FooKey METHOD :

    The common flaws in ALL encryption technologies to date are :

    1. Typing on a KeyBoard to enter the password

    2. Clicking on the Mouse / Pointer device that controls the location of the cursor

    3. Some person or device looking / recording your screen as you type the password

    4. The human developing a password that is easily guess, or can be brute forced due to its length

    5. Sharing the password with a third party to decrypt the data

    6. Storing the encrypted data in a secure location so no unauthorised access can be made to either the key(s) to decrypt the data or the encrypted data itself

    FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption, takes away the ‘BAD GUYS’ by providing you with software engineered to alleviate all the above.

  3. Aodhhan


    It appears even politicians down under are moronic.

    Legislating against free speech (which this law will obviously do), doesn't mean someone won't tell someone, who tells another... and so on. Things slip out, mistakes are made... and others make the conscience effort to be jerks.

    Unfortunately, as long as we keep electing officials without technical and computer expertise backgrounds... politicians are going to keep creating laws--which initially sound good--but have unintended consequences in the end, because of things they cannot see nor comprehend.

    1. GnuTzu

      Re: Politicians -- Territory

      "It appears even politicians down under are moronic."

      I think there's a personality type in the DSM for that. Politics obligates politicians to forfeit all reason other than that which is associated with political interests.

  4. Obesrver1

    Lets face it the .....

    Internet [and technology] is crap, and we really need three (3)....

    One to track products with and be tracked by product.

    One to do secure communications over and be spied on by government.

    The last one to crap on about nothing on endless when we get bored.

    This leaves out hackers and (un)productive warez, as everything else can be done in real time, real place and really.

    People just don't realise it, that if you run from the monster (bear or bull like) it will chase you. If on the other hand you create your worse fear (like controlling a nightmare) you can create something more amenable to all concerned.

    Stick your head in the sand and you will get it in the arse.

  5. Addanc

    Aussies just will not let us win at anything

    I thought we had a world class moronic politicians in the UK, but the aussies will not us win at anything.

    1. Rajesh Kanungo

      Re: Aussies just will not let us win at anything


  6. The Central Scrutinizer

    The evidence free policy making continues, totally divorced from reality. Some years ago a now defunct prime minister called the Internet a giant video game. That's the level of wilful ignorance we have to deal with here. Face, meet palm.

  7. RunawayLoop

    Daniel thanks for giving it a go mate. It's not your fault. Our inept and corrupt politicians don't believe in logic, only faith, which of course can make miracles happen which I guess is what you've been experiencing. Best of luck on the other side of the world though, the faith could be spreading...

  8. -tim

    What I would like to see...

    The day before voting starts at the next federal election I would love to see Apple or Google run out an update that turns all the Aussie smart phones into dumb phones and with a display of "Your government is run by morons who pass laws they don't understand so your phone is now a dumb phone." The voter backlash would be so strong that no sane elected government would ever consider this type of stupidity again anywhere in the world.

  9. TsVk!

    Australia does not exist in a vacuum

    So it might be illegal for an Australian person/entity to disclose a discovered backdoor in the future, but the rest of the world will be under no jurisdiction to follow such nonsense laws and will be actively searching for and exposing these vulnerabilities... just because they know they exist.

    Challenge accepted!

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