back to article Stanley Kubrick made Eyes Wide Shut. Data-protecting Andes Rubrik makes bytes slide shut

Rubrik has expanded its database, unstructured data, and in-cloud protection. The Cloud Data Management v5, codenamed Andes, release brings a list of improvements: Live Mount for Oracle databases providing instant recovery and clones for app development NAS Direct Archive to manage and globally search unstructured datasets …

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  2. Roj Blake Silver badge

    Bart: Hey! I found a shortcut through your hedge maze.

    Willy: Why you little- (thinking) No, no, go easy on the wee one. His father's going to go crazy and chop 'em all into Haggis!

    Bart: What's Haggis?

    Willy: (gasps) read my thoughts! You've got the Shinning.

    Bart: You mean "Shining".

    Willy: Shh! You want to get sued? Now look, boy: if your Da goes gaga, you just use that... "Shin" of yours to call me and I'll come a running. But don't be reading my mind between four and five. That's Willy's time!

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