back to article SAP slurps up Qualtrics for a cool $8bn, persuades firm not to IPO

German giant SAP has slurped up "experience management" biz Qualtrics for a cool €8bn cash after reportedly persuading the firm not to IPO. The acquisition comes as the US-based biz was out on its roadshow with would-be investors ahead of an expected IPO that could have seen it valued at $4.8bn. The move is part of SAP's …

  1. Sampler


    As a customer something's been off for months. What was once a reliable platform was wonky as shit and sales teams were lying through their teeth to get us to stay another year, all starts making sense.

    Good luck to SAP, they've bought a turkey, what was once the leading edge software has been quickly surpassed by those initially aping it and then capitalising on Qualtrics lack of movement over the last few years. I can get a system that offers all the features, plus a few more, for a whole decimal place less.

    And I don't have to log several support tickets a day to get it to work.

    And it's not blocked by the likes of Ghostery.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If I had to go through all the pain of moving platforms, I'm pretty sure I'd stop using SAP.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Lidl famously dropped their €500 million SAP HANA project a few months ago, don't see that plastered on their marketting bumf...

  4. MaltaMaggot

    "The result, we believe, will be a very unique end-to-end experi....OW!"

    Yes. I threw that.

    Unique is unique. A binary condition if you like.

    It can not be partially, mostly, almost nor indeed 'very' unique.

    Thank you please.....

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