back to article Monster mash: Spectra Logic's tape library now twice the beast it was

Spectra Logic's TFinity ExaScale tape library can store more than 2EB of compressed data, 2,000 petabytes-plus, using IBM's latest TS1160 tape drives and JE cartridges, double what it could store before. The TFinity library was introduced in 2016 and supports three tape formats – LTO, IBM TS1150 and Oracle T10000 A, B, C and D …

  1. GidaBrasti
    Paris Hilton

    Apart from three-letter organizations, who buys these stuff?

    Paris icon, because obviously you must have Paris's inheritance to buy such a beast

    1. A.P. Veening Silver badge


      How about a 26-letter organization?




      Alphabet ;)

    2. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

      Many organizations do

      Pretty much anybody who has a need to collect and keep vast and ever growing quantities of data.

      My most recent experience is of Meteorological data. As forecasts work at ever increasing resolutions, the amount of data that is generated that is wanted to be kept keeps growing at an ever increasing rate.

    3. Dave Hilling

      Television studios for one. I saw one of these in a media company. They stored almost all their video on them until they were moved to warm storage in preparation for them being aired. It was really a neat setup, it made perfect sense to keep it on tape so that they didn't have to have petabytes upon petabytes of spinning disks for media that once created really didn't get changed. And in case of corruption I believe they said each video was stored at least 3 times.

  2. J. Cook Silver badge

    Tape is not dead....

    ... although it's moved positions here at [RedactedCo] from backup to archive.

    Admittedly, we are looking at one of SpectraLogic's smaller offerings to replace our aging and out of support library, but not this kaiju of a setup.

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