back to article Qualcomm: Welp, there's a $5bn-ish Apple-shaped hole in the books, but at least we have other chip buyers

Breaking up is expensive: losing Apple as a customer meant Qualcomm missed out on 50 million cellular modem chipset sales for the latest batch of iPhones, and slipped into a net loss for its fiscal 2018. However, the chip designer insisted the worst is over. US-based Qualcomm on Wednesday released [PDF] its fourth-quarter and …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Qualcomm is dreaming

    If they think 5G is going to drive a wave of smartphone upgrades. There isn't any meaningful advantage to it, a higher theoretical max speed is meaningless when you're already at 1 - 2 Gbps for LTE, which is far more than any single phone can make use of.

    Their big problem is that with CDMA going away and Samsung and HiSilicon offering SoCs of similar capability, there is less of a reason for Android OEMs to choose Qualcomm SoCs so they'll be forced to compete on price.

    1. robidy

      Re: Qualcomm is dreaming

      If the consumer is told it's faster than a home Virgin or BT connection AND you can take it with you then 5G will be a masssive hit.

      Mobiles have replaced landlines so home broadband could be next.

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