Terminology and Marketing

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    Terminology and Marketing

    Marketing is the worst thing that could happen to science. Science comes up with ideas/techniques/goals that warrant specific names. Then marketing comes along and says "oooh, I like that name. What we're doing would sound great if we call it that". And so begins the abuse and dumbing down of the name.

    Don't believe me?

    What about "hologram" or "AI"? Do you really think that universities are using real holograms to project virtual lecturers or that your smartphone (or more accurately the service provider behind it) really has an artificial intelligence helping you turn your home lights on and off?

    I wish someone would "re-educate" marketeers and stop them from co-opting, distorting or plain destroying science. (I suspect that "re-education" would be a term that a marketeer would apply to watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory because that sometimes uses "big words" so must, therefore, be "educational".)

    One last note; journos are not helping here, by sheepishly following the marketing fools.

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