back to article Veracode Software gobbled by private equity house Thoma Bravo for $950m

Thoma Bravo – private equity owner of McAfee and Barracuda Networks – has slurped cloudy application security testing biz Veracode Software, a division of Broadcom, for $950m in cash. Veracode was only bought by CA Technologies in March last year, but clearly doesn't feature in the future plans of Broadcom – CA's new parent. …

  1. overunder Silver badge

    "It sells a software-as-a-service platform and related wares for developers to ID and fix security defects during the dev lifecycle."

    Mmmm, so forever then? I'm not sure where a development lifecycle ends. Maybe at the end of version, but then a new cycle begins.

  2. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    cautiously optimistic

    This may be good news. The Veracode technology is interesting, and history suggests CA was unlikely to adequately fund continued R&D.

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