back to article Nice work if you can get it: GandCrab ransomware nets millions even though it has been broken

The infamous GandCrab malware infection has netted its operators an estimated nine-figure payout from targeting large, high-value corporate systems. This according to security house Bitdefender, who reckon that in the last two months alone victims have forked over more than a quarter of a billion dollars to crooks in order to …

  1. Anonymous Coward

    Dear Reg

    All your stories are belong to us. If you want to restore them, please pay $1m in bitcoin to a.commentard@el.reg. Thank you.

  2. Tezfair

    backups are all well and good...

    So long as they are detached from the computer at the point of infection, else they will also be encryted. Went to a customers house and everything, pc and ext hdd all encrypted. Only it was some 2 weeks prior to my visit so I gave an explanation and left.

    1. DropBear

      Re: backups are all well and good...

      ...which is where a mind-bogglingly lazy backup schedule actually comes in handy - yeah sure you'll lose whatever happened since the last backup (which is not all that much in my case), but doing them so rarely makes it really likely you'll notice an infection before it gets to spread to the external HDD. Not sure; but really likely...

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