back to article Australia's national broadband bet shirk: NBN write-down not on the cards – chairman

Australia's National Broadband Network co-chairman, Ziggy Switkowski, has told a Senate Estimates hearing at the country's parliament in Canberra that he doesn't endorse a write-down of the company. The network is slated to be sold when the rollout is finished, but earlier this month opposition communication spokesperson …

  1. Youngone Silver badge


    So let me get this straight

    The Aussie taxpayers pay for a national fibre network* which is sold off to private interests for (possibly) less than cost and which will then be a monopoly?

    Why would anybody agree to that?

    * For some values of fibre. Speeds not guaranteed.

    1. e^iπ+1=0

      Re: Weirdos

      "Why would anybody agree to that?"

      Did anyone agree to that?

  2. Neoc


    I do wish our government would stop privatising our infrastructure. By all means, allow private companies to offer service over the architecture... but stop selling off the frigging architecture!.

  3. VikiAi

    Down in the boondoggles

    Lawd have mercy on a poor Govt. from down in the boondoggles.

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