back to article This is a leader's square for storage leaders, IBM, Dell EMC and Scality tell wide-eyed Qumulo

Eight object and distributed file storage suppliers have shuffled positions in Gartner's annually updated Magic Quadrant for the sector – two new entrants, three promotions, two demotions and an exit. The infamous paranormal polygon is defined by an Ability to Execute vertical axis and a Completeness of Vision horizontal axis …

  1. mikeymac


    I'm a little baffled how Qumulo could crack the Leaders' quadrant. I'd expect them to be in the Visionaries quadrant, I think. I've met with them several times. Nice people, promising product, but as of this writing, they're missing enterprise-class features, particularly for those firms with strict security, auditing and data protection requirements. I don't doubt that those features will be coming down the pike someday, but they're simply not there now. Is it possible that Gartner only considers scalability and performance? Qumulo looks pretty solid as far as those two items go.

    Anyway, congrats Qumulo! That's a big deal for a relatively recent start-up!

  2. IanMoore33

    but .. but

    violin and nimble !!

    1. Androgynous Cow Herd

      Re: but .. but

      Nimble is block storage, so doesn’t belong in this quadrant.

      Violin is...well, who cares?

  3. StorageWorldCitizen

    Consolidated MQ returns fake insights

    How do you compare Scality and Qumulo positions in this MQ against Dell EMC from a neutral perspective? Dell EMC is consolidating several products to achieve this leadership spot (Isilon, ECS, Atmos) whereas Scality niches object storage only and Qumulo equally does it for scale-out NAS storage.

    Gartner's internal rules for publishing solution MQs with enough players in it might result in a distorted market view as in this case.

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

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