back to article Samsung claims key-value Z-SSD will be fastest flash ever

Among a blizzard of news from Samsung's Tech Data, El Reg has spotted smaller processor nodes, FPGAs added to SSDs, stacked and cubed memory, quad-level cell flash and object-storing SSDs on the way. 7LPP Sammy has started fabbing 7LPP – 7nm extreme ultra-violet (EUV) low power plus lithography – wafers at its S3 Fab in …

  1. Flakk

    Sammy has started fabbing 7LPP – 7nm... and claims to now have a clear path of 3nm processes.

    How do you say "pwned" in Korean? Asking for a friend... at Intel.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Frankly this is amazing. Will they REALLY reach 3nm?

  2. CheesyTheClown

    Yes please

    Just... yes please.

    I’ve been desperately waiting for a something like this. If they have a KV solution which supports replication that would be absolutely amazing!!!

  3. TheGreatCabbage

    It's getting quite exciting with upcoming 7nm Ryzen CPUs, 7nm Snapdragons and now Samsung's plans for 3nm processes!

  4. disk iops

    KV store

    I'm guessing it's really just an optimization of what a traditional filesystem does. Instead of the OS requesting an arbitrary series of blocks based on it's own housekeeping records of 'path/file' which maps to a series of inodes and from there a series of block IDs, the OS just asks for a 'key' and the SSD has it's own list of extents/blockIDs that map to the 'value'. So instead of all that record-keeping at the OS level, all it needs to do is hash(path/file) and send that result to the storage device.

    This removes at least one look-up table being maintained by the SSD and probably gives it flexibility in moving things around. It's probably very efficient on linear read/write but probably sucks on partial writes akin to the RAID-hole.

    I could see AWS/S3 using these in the Data tier since Amazon already implements it like that - storage node manages it's in-chassis storage as key (blockID) -> list of device::extents[] that only it knows internally.

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