back to article Metadata-farming, data-silo-killing startup: Go on. Bring us your unstructured stuff

Newcomer on the storage software-as-a-service scene Hammerspace announced the general availability of its eponymous SaaS application this week. This software has been engineered using technology from Primary Data – yes, that Primary Data – applied to hybrid IT and cloud environments, providing a SaaS cloud-control plane. …

  1. ChiefDS

    President Dragon Slayer Consulting

    A better comparison would be with StrongBox Data StrongLink. Both are focused on primary unstructured data; AI machine learning policy based movement, lifecycle management, tiering, archiving, data repurposing, and business continuity, etc. Rubrik and Cohesity as well as Commvault, Druva, and Asigra are more focused on repurposing of backed up data for DevOps,TestDev, Search, and analytics. Hammerspace, StrongLink, and to a lesser extent Komprise are focused on data management and provide data protection as a secondary focus. The data protection vendors are naturally focused on data protection with data management as a secondary focus.

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