back to article Talk about a curveball: Microsoft director of sports marketing fired, charged with fraud over 'fake' invoices

Microsoft's former director of sports marketing has been indicted on five counts of wire fraud, based on allegations that he created fake invoices to defraud the software giant and sold its property as his own. The US Justice Department announced the indictment [PDF] against Jeff Tran, of Seattle, on Wednesday, claiming the 45 …

  1. -tim

    The best use case for AI

    It seems that one of the 1st jobs that AI will be very good at is replacing the top end of middle management. How hard can it be to allocate a chunk of advertising money to sports and verify it is doing what it should?

  2. SVV

    The code, cloud and kit biz

    Not sure why one of those needs a Director of Sports Marketing, but that heinous crime of attempting to steal such a small number of tickets to a lame sporting event should really be an inspiraration to Hollywood executives looking for a movie that portrays the insideous threats of modern computer technology. It should use that technology too for animation, and have some vaguely futuristic and dystopian sports themed stuff in it. Suggested title? TRAN

    1. LDS Silver badge

      Re: The code, cloud and kit biz

      Just this time the Master Control Payment system would be the good guy?

      Besides that, I would like to know how much this guy was earning annually to be so compelled to steal those money... even if it's true you can never pay greed people enough.

  3. Cuddles Silver badge

    Bloody hell

    Over $3200 for a single sportsball match? Pretty sure Tran isn't the only one scamming people here.

    Note that's not a comment against sport in general; the FA Cup, for example, is the equivalent for football in England and you can get a ticket for between £45-145. Depending on who you support, for the same price of one Superbowl ticket you could watch every match from a premier league club for 22 years. Even in the most expensive clubs that price will get you the best part of 2 years of games in the most expensive seats available.

    1. Flakk

      Re: Bloody hell

      It's a status thing. Affluent people who'd never even consider going to a regular season game flood the championship games, presumably to be seen. It drives up the ticket prices.

      Besides, when was the last FA championship game that had such illustrious halftime acts as Janet Jackson's breast or Prince's hologram?


      Say. where can I get some of those English footieball tickets?

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